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Antminer A3 | ASIC Mining Hardware

Antminer A3 : Today We’ll be reviewing the brand new ant miner a3 Blake 2b miner from bitmain.

What is Blake 2b ? you ask that’s the hashing algorithm used by Siacoin.

Which is a cryptocurrency that aims to be a decentralized cloud storage platform being the first consumer available.

Sia is capable of using the Blake 2b algorithm, the 815 Giga hashes per second that is advertised as truly, breathtaking unfortunately there are currently no other viable cryptocurrencies that use the Blake 2b algorithm.

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Which begs the question why didn’t bitmain simply advertise this as the ant miner III, siacoin miner they didn’t shy away with the l3 plus like coin miner, the d3 – miner or the s9 Bitcoin miner.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that this may due to some interesting politics between bitmain and the sia coin developer community.


  • Manufacturer Name : Bitmain
  • H/W Model : Antminer
  • O/S : Linux
  • Release : 2018 January
  • Miner Size : 17.2 x 13 x 8.7 inches
  • Miner Weight : 4.2 Kilograms
  • Processor Chip : BM 1720
  • Fan : 2
  • Total Hash Chip : 180
  • Power : 1275 W
  • Network : Ethernet
  • Power Supply By : AMP W3++

Important Note :

  • After the hard fork of siacoin, you can not mine siacoin.
  • You can mine Other blake 2b coins.
  • Coins that you can mine – Hyperspace , SiaPrime, SiaClassic.
  • It has built-in controller so no need for separate host computer as controller.

Antminer A3 Form Factor

Although the antminer a3 borrows the same form factor found in the antminer s9 III and l3 plus series so it should look familiar to most of you just as a quick side note –

Some people may be attempting to mislead or scam you from the top view you can see that there are three hashing boards.

Each have three 6-pin PCIe II power connectors, there’s also a 6-pin PCIe II power connector on the I/O board which powers the fans.

And also have the BeagleBoard black controller as usual there are two high airflow fans one of the front for intake and another on the back is for exhaust.

Power Supply

Here’s the big question which power supply should you use I’m partial to the APW 3++ PSU from bitmain because it has specifically been designed for the quick power load ramp ups required by these miners and it also has the right number of other connectors.

  • The part that is unclear is whether you can safely run a single APW 3++ on a standard home 120 volt outlet to power the antminer a3.
  • Plug in the power supply and start mining, I’m using a standard c13 pc power cable to connect to the EPW 3++ power supply.
  • Antminer a3 needs 11.45 amps this means that you cannot run more than one a3 / 15 amp circuit just like the s9 or d3 miners.
  • To power down the antminor a3 simply disconnect the power cable from the power supply.

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The power supply has large capacitors that need to fully discharge before you can disconnect the PCIe power connectors from the minor.

The fans are a good indicator so wait until they stop spinning before proceeding.

All right let’s move this a3 to a 240 volt environment and see if it draws the same amount of power as you can see using the antminer a3 with an EPW3++ on a higher voltage circuit.

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See you in about a hundred watts which puts the a3 almost exactly at the 1275 Watts.

Let’s configure the A3

let’s go configure the a3 that you just set up from a computer on the same network as your a3 open up a browser and connect to the IP address

Now simply refreshing the page other times you need to clear your cache and cookies in order to actually find the page in some instances your antminor actually rebooted and obtained a different IP address from your router.

So please check your router again to ensure that the IP address is what you expect it to be now that we’re successfully met with a login request

Please use the username root and password routes to gain access to your Antminor interface. Yep certainly looks like an a3 now that we’ve verified we’re on the correct device


The antminer a3 is over 250 times faster at mining siacoin than the geforce 1080 Which is the most powerful GPU at this time.

It looks like the a3 run a little warm we would encourage putting them somewhere there’s proper ventilation.

Let’s check out the minor configuration page it looks like the defaults are set to bitmains pools which is no surprise if somebody’s gonna forget to change their stuff.

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Let’s clear out these default lining pools and enter in our own.

For this review we’re gonna be using SIA I’m just going to use my own sia wallet receiving addresses my worker idea and the pool pays out my wallet every couple of hours.

After you enter in your information don’t forget to hit save and apply.

After hitting apply the mining engine’s going to restart please allow two or three minutes for this to occur before visiting the Status page

While we wait for the miner to get to full speed.

Let’s discuss what’s happening between the SIA developer community and bitmain.

Bitmain surprisingly dropped the a3 miner and single handedly blew up the global hash rate for SIA coin

 recently the siacoin developers have been developing their own SIA coin ASIC miner.

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