Best Crypto Newsletters

Best Crypto Newsletters (2021)

By Rithik Panwar, August 29, 2021

Best crypto newsletters, In the cryptocurrency space, there’s much to keep up.

This is why It can be easy for people to forget important updates, articles, or ‘dank memes’.. We are fortunate to have some fantastic cryptocurrency newsletters that go beyond the noise and deliver the best bits directly to our inbox.

This post will highlight the top cryptocurrency newsletters I subscribe to at the moment.

  • Off The Chain Newsletter
  • The Wolf Den Newsletter
  • Wealth Mastery
  • Bankless
  • Coin Metrics Newsletter
  • Bitcolumnist
  • The Defiant Newsletter
  • TheCryptoCactus Newsletter
  • Placeholder Newsletter
  • Policy newsletter by Coin Center

Best Crypto Newsletters


Formerly called CryptoWeekly, CoinSnacks curates and compiles the latest crypto news on a weekly basis.

CoinSnacks was founded in December 2017 and has maintained a simple, to-the-point approach. It has evolved to be a deeper look at the most recent news and trending stories over time.

It claims to currently have over 26,000 subscribers.

The Node

The Node, formerly known as “Blockchain Bites”, is a weekly newsletter.

Marc Hochstein from CoinDesk has put together this article. It provides the most recent cryptocurrency news from CoinDesk, Twitter and elsewhere.

Each newsletter is packed with a lot of information. If you want to be up-to-date on everything happening in cryptocurrency, this is the right choice.

CoinDesk’s other newsletters you should subscribe to:

  • Money Reimagined: This article is published every Friday and examines how digital technology is changing the value of goods and services.
  • First Mover: This publication is published every weekday and helps readers understand the cryptocurrency markets.
  • Market Wrap: This is the shorter version of First Mover, published every weekday. It’s a great idea.
  • The Long and Short of Crypto: This publication is published every Sunday and provides insight, news, analysis, and other information for professional investors.
  • Crypto State: This weekly report is published every Wednesday and provides an overview of how regulations/policies related to crypto are changing.

Money Reimagined is a great site. It dives into a topic in depth, touches on what people have to say about cryptocurrency, and links out for some interesting reads.

Marty’s ?ent

This is an unusual, but wonderful,Awesome,Newsletter.

Instead of bombarding you with more material, Marty gives you a short, sweet bulletin (*5 minutes) every day that covers something Bitcoin (BTC) or crypto-related that he found interesting in the last 24 hours.

From June 2017, Marty sends out a newsletter every month. Currently, he has more than 2,100 subscribers and is up to issue #942.

Marty’s Bent may not be for everyone. He’s just of Bitcoin maximalist. You should stay away if you are sensitive to criticism of your favorite shitcoin.

You can subscribe to his insightful and non-nonsense commentary about the world of Bitcoin (BTC), and cryptocurrency for everyone else.

The Pomp Letter

Anthony Pompliano (or ‘Pomp) is an American investor and entrepreneur. The Pomp Letter is his newsletter. Morgan Creek Digital, one of the largest digital asset managers in the world, is where he is currently co-founder and a partner.

This newsletter is about technology, finance, business, and Bitcoin (BTC). You’ll find great analysis and the latest news. It has been in existence since 2018 and now has over 50,000 subscribers.

You’ll get the Monday issue free of charge, but it’s published every other weekday. To receive every issue, you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription. It costs $10 per month or $50 per annum if you pay upfront.

Additionally, if you upgrade, you will have access to subscriber-only episodes of ‘The Pomp Podcast’.

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