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  • How to send email in nodejs

    To send an email in Node.js, you can use a popular npm package called nodemailer. Here is a basic example of how to send an email using nodemailer: npm install nodemailer 2. After installing nodemailer, you can use it in your Node.js application by requiring it at the top of your file: const nodemailer = […]

  • Export data in excel using php and cakephp

    To export data from a CakePHP application to an Excel file, you can use the PHPExcel library. Here’s how you can do it: Then run composer install. This method fetches all the users from the database and adds them to a new Excel worksheet. It sets the column widths, and then sends the Excel file […]

  • How to import excel file into mysql using php

    To import an Excel file into MySQL using PHP, you can follow these steps: Use PHPExcel library to read the Excel file. You can download the library from Extract the data from the Excel file and insert it into the MySQL database. Note that this code is just an example and you should adjust […]

  • Vue Web Storage Component

    Vue Web Storage is a simple and lightweight Vue.js plugin that provides a reactive interface for working with the web storage API (localStorage and sessionStorage). It allows you to easily store and retrieve data from the web storage API using Vue.js data-binding syntax. Here’s an example of how to use the Vue Web Storage plugin: […]

  • Password Strength Meter For AngularJs

    To create a password strength meter for AngularJS, you can follow these steps: JavaScript 2. Create a function to calculate the password strength. You can use a regular expression to match the password against certain criteria such as length, complexity, and diversity. JavaScript 3. Create an AngularJS watch function to update the password strength when […]