Create Ethereum Wallet Address with MyEtherWallet

create ethereum wallet

How to create ethereum wallet Address ? To create an Ethereum wallet and get ether wallet address we will use MyEtherWallet which is open source wallet written in Javascript computer language.

If you have Ether or any other ERC20 Tokens then you can secure them by storing in MyEtherWallet which is a user friendly wallet.

How to create Ethereum Wallet

A. You need to go to MyEtherWallet.

create myetherwallet

B. After clicking the website window like above will be shown.

C. Where you need to enter a password for the wallet and click the blue button(Create new wallet).

create myetherwallet

D. After clicking create new wallet, you need to download Keystore JSON file.

E. First read the instruction, when keystore file is downloaded Continue button will be enabled.

create myetherwallet

F. A UTC File will be downloaded, save that file without changing name.

create myetherwallet

G. Click on Save your address button to save address. 

H. Now Unlock your wallet to see your address.

How to Use Myetherwallet

create myetherwallet

A. First you need to unlock you wallet to use it.

B.  As shown above select the Keystore/JSON File.

create myetherwallet

C. Select a wallet file.

create ethereum wallet

Now you have a valid ethereum wallet of your own.

You can check your account by simply entering the ether address of yours.



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