Electroneum Smartphone M1

Crypto ETN mining smartphone is here! – And for a few Euros

Crypto ETN/Electroneum, a UK based digital payment company, announced the launch of a smartphone capable of extracting cryptocurrencies.

Official M1 video

Electroneum M1 – mobile for a few euros

For only $ 80 (about € 70), the Electroneum M1 allows users to benefit from the app.

Cloud Mining will also be possible offline. Extracted cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for purchases, online services, or mobile data.

How much crypto ETN this phone will extract ?

According to Electroneum, the phone should earn more than $ 3 a month. Given the price of the phone, this is not a negligible amount.

Electroneum M1 configuration

  • The M1 offers 8 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded by an additional 32 GB.
  • It has two SIM slots.
  • Everything takes care of the 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor.
  • Cameras are weaker, 5 megapixels (rear) and 2 megapixels (front).
  • It runs on Android.

Does M1 also remind you of an iPhone?

In developing countries, it can even cost $ 60.

In some countries, your business may lower your phone price to about $ 60.

Nick Cook, operations manager of Electroneum said “We start by selling M1 in South Africa because it is our first market. M1 will be sold through local dealers, “

Mining on your mobile and bonus

You can also benefit from the application (IOS and Android) on your phone, and if you already mine, you have set up a one percent mining bonus? In both cases, see the instructions here.


Crypto ETN is currently at 63rd place in terms of market capitalization. Will this facility help him in mass adoption? What do you think?

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