Donocle : A Global LOTTO Project

By Rithik Panwar, January 21, 2019

This lottery system has been around for a long time, so people can try their luck and earn extra money.

Over time, the lotteries conducting ways have  changed around the world dramatically. However, difficulties for example, moderate processing times, low believably and high commission rates keep on affecting on the productivity of the system. Although many lottery online platforms have a streamline approach that is neither reliable nor flexible.

To provide trust and security, Donocle introduces a decentralized blockchain platform to which ordinary masses from around the world can smoothly participate in different lottery ventures and achieve significant profits.

What Is Donocle ? ?

DONOCLE is a global LOTTO project with over 50 types of coins and tokens for sweepstakes and prizes.
These are fair and transparent to maximize fairness. And the good thing is all the lottery draw method related thing are fully based on blockchain.

Donocle uses ODF (Open Data Stream) to enable users to monitor movement of goods and movement of goods (currency).

What More to Expect from Donocle !!

  • DONOCLE and MIB are stored in the POS system.
  • After the first 15 days, they will be automatically registered to the Airdrop system.
  • DONOCLE is a token, but Donocle new POS solution offers DONOCLE airdrops.

It Provide Solutions to different Lottery System Problems

  • Low credibility & worries of Rigging  –  Solution is the Blockchain Algorithm with transparency.
  • High Lottery Commission charge      –   Solution by charging very low fee or keep it Free.
  • Slow process of Prize transfer           –    Solution by revealing the process of Prize.

With Donocle, players can monitor real-time currency transfers for confidence and transparency. . Due to its expansion, the platform will allow the winning person to donate a share of their income to the Donocle Foundation and keep hold on to the balance amount in their accounts.

Donocle Donation Process

Donocle has a simple interface that lets users from everywhere around the world to take part easily and effectively in online system of lottery. The lotto process begins by purchasing a lottery ticket. Each player then receives a unique 6-digit number through the BTC counter after generated.

To further make sure clarity, every players is told about the total no. of coins provided to them, sales figures and sales prices. These numbers are updated regularly to users as the sales progress.

To purchase a lottery ticket, the user needs to generate a wallet. You will then receive a dashboard showing your number. The tickets price of lottery is the same as the price of the Bitcoin market introduced by the crypto exchange.

What is so Different about Donocle ?

Central lottery platforms are often opaque and unsafe. In addition, players who are new in this system often stays away from online lottery venture due to frequent manipulation issues and commission fees which are very high.

Despite that, whole process is trustworthy and real as it is a decentralized platform. In addition, this system charges low commissions to provide the winner with more chances to boost the returns. Moreover Donocle gets rid of the long-term payment processing and real-time tracking of cash flow.

Donocle Blockchain Technology

This platform uses a global blockchain lottery system. It integrates the blockchain into the Global Lottery System (GLOS), a system commonly used by sports providers. Donocle’s SmartX platform uses the blockchain hash algorithm, which makes it very simple, inexpensive, and lightweight. In addition, the platform has a direct transfer system for block donations, which transfers money safely and transparently to beneficiaries.

POS (Proof-of-Stake) System

Airdrop is a good feature that enables end users to receive a guaranteed income on the system. Once users purchase donocle tokens and put it in the platform’s POS system (equity certificate), they receive regular Airdrop rewards.

Basically, once users pay for cryptocurrecy or coins, Donocle or MIB coins to buy tickets, they accumulate funds throughout every session. Airdrop platform uses 10 percent of users cryptocurrencies. Thus For each token of user with in the POS system, user receives a 10 percent token depends on the POS share.

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