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Earn Free Bitcoin online – Most Trusted and Fast way

By Rithik Panwar, March 25, 2019

Lets Earn Free Bitcoin online, I have used over 100 Bitcoin-faucet, One of the problems I have with many faucets is that they often feel scammed with a lot of commercials, multiple captcha and unreliable in payment terms.

Earn Bitcoin

Many faucet websites receive Bitcoin for free, but most of them have become scams.

That’s why it’s important to find reliable websites that actually pays every week. is one site that I have always found reliable bitcoin site.

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This site is undoubtedly the best option you can find today to Earn BTC Instantly for free on the Internet, where Everyone in the world can register and earn money without any obstacles. is a fairly experienced website founded in 2013 where you can easily earn small amounts of Bitcoin.

This site has now more than fifteen Million users, It has been established as one of the most reliable sources available today.

In this site solving captcha is your choice, Here you need to roll the dice and the earned bitcoin depends on the number generated by the dice roll.

Although initially it was simple Bitcoin faucet, It has evolved over the years. Users can now access many new functions. Multiply-BTC is especially popular where you can play a fair HI-LO game. Basically, you can play hard-earned Bitcoin to try to multiply 4,750 times!

Daily Interest – Perhaps a word on their BTC Winning feature, which gives users to receive a daily interest on their account. You need to have a minimum of 30000 Satoshis in your account to get automatically interest everyone Day.

Lottery – If you want you can take part in the Lottery, has weekly lottery system and where you can participate and win big prizes ! If you wish you can buy lottery tickets and also you get 2 free lottery tickets for every free BTC game you play.

Earn Free Bitcoin Now

First, you must sign up to play which is free and has no country restriction – enter your email address and password. Then, strip the captcha and click on Sign up! And now you are ready to roll.

Click on Create an account

get free Bitcoin

As soon as this point has been clarified, you will receive confirmation link onto your e-mail. click on that to veryfy.

Now you are ready to earn free bitcoins.

When you sign in you can see the homepage of, Today, I’ll tell you all ways to earn bitcoins from Freebitcoin.

Earn Bitcoin Instantly

You will get a free roll option on main homepage screen.

After clicking it you will get free btc, lottery tickets and reward points


The winning amount will vary according to the current rate of Bitcoin.

Everytime you roll the dice, lucky number will decide the payout as per below chart.

Earn Bitcoin Instantly

The rolling process can be done every hour means 24 times a day.

In the Multiply BTC section, you will find a game where you can hit your bitcoins up to 4750 times!

CHECK HERE watch the HI-LOW bitcoin multiplier game

Earn by Weekly Lottery Draw

The lottery is played every Sunday and takes place every week . Each time you use the free roll option, you receive 2 free tickets.

weekly lottery draw bitcoin

Plus, you will receive free entrance tickets for BTC multiplier play and a free ticket for each time a referral play.

In the “Lottery” tab, you can check the jackpot prizes for 10 winners. You can also check your tickets and win chances.

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Earn Bitcoin with Passive Interest

Another way to get extra bitcoins in FreeBitcoin is daily passive interests, you don not need do do any thing just deposit a fix amount of btc in freebitco in and get daily interest & an annual interest rate of 4.08%.

Passive Interest in Bitcoin

The minimum requirement is that your account has a credit of at least 0.0003 BTC. Then, you get a daily interest rate of about 0.010959%,

It is clear that your interest earning would be higher if you keep a higher balance in your account.

Earn Bitcoin with Referral Commission

You can also earn instant free bitcoin commission by referring people to There are different referral Commission rates as shown in below table.

Earn Bitcoin Instantly

So promote your referral to get more and more referral.

Get 50 percent of base prize of free BTC, 0.40% of wager of multiply BTC, 25% of daily interest of earn BTC.


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