Here You can get five awesome free bitcoin instantly earning methods


Here You Can Get Free Cryptocurrencies !! Daily !!

Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly – BTC PTC sites were very good source to earn free bitcoins. Usually internet newbies like to join Paid to click sites as they are easy to understand and easy to make free money.  Only drawback of paid to click sites are limitation of clicks per day. 
But they are easier then Survey sites or task sites. PTC bitcoin sites are very few in numbers hence finding other Bitcoin earning methods are way easier. 
But now a days things are changed drastically, there are new methods to earn free cryptocurrencies and btc.
 I am listing few bitcoin earning method  which gives you free bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies……………….  

Smart Way to Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly

Many people are trying to earn free bitcoins instantly by using faucets, but earning free BTC with faucets are very time consuming and demoralizing.
  • Time Consuming : As you get nothing or very small quantity of bitcoin while faucet owners are making money with the clicks on their sites which is full of over advertisement.
  • Demoralizing : Because faucets become empty as its your time to withdraw bitcoin, many people quit and think that their no such thing like free bitcoin. But wait we will do it the smart way rather than running behind the free bitcoin faucet sheep method. 

There are many ways to earn instant free bitcoin directly or indirectly. Indirectly means get other free cryptocurrency and convert them into bitcoin using different crypto exchanges.

Below mention are my personal best ways to earn some free cryptocurrencies :

  1. Earn Free Electoreum Coin – You can get free ETN coin on you phone and can trade them for BTC.
  2. Earn Free Cryptocurrency Airdrops – Most popular method today get different coins in your etherwallet and trade them for bitcoin or hold them till the price for that altcoin goes high.   
  3. Get Free Bitcoin by Freebitco – This is the only best site like faucet but not faucet which gives real bitcoin. 
  4. Earn Bitcoin by URL Shortener – You can short any link with this site and if any one click that link you will get instant free bitcoin.

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Earn Free Electoreum Coins (ETN)

Today it is possible to earn some free cryptocurrecy with you mobile phone. Before update in ETN app You could earn Free Electoreum with your phone mining but in actual it was not mining only running in background. And they were giving free ETN  as per assign hash power in ETN application. 

But Electroneum was having issue in getting there app approved in IOS platform. So they changed mobile mining concept into cloud mining and give free electroneum every day with a threshold of 100 ETN before sending payout to your account. 

Current ETN price is between 0.020 USD TO  0.015 USD. Crypto rank is 58.

Just Collect your ETN and convert them into Free Bitcoin on different trading platforms.

free bitcoins instantly

This is how mining screen looks like Earlier

free bitcoin

Payment confirmation window 

But Electroneum was having issue in getting there app approved in IOS platform. So they changed mobile mining concept into cloud mining and give free electroneum every day with a threshold of 100 ETN before sending payout to your account. 

Current ETN price is between 0.020 USD TO  0.015 USD. Crypto rank is 58.

Just Collect your ETN and convert them into Free Bitcoins by using different trading platforms.

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Electroneum cloud mining

After New Cloud Mining Update

  1. You just have to download Electroneum app and start mobile mining to earn free Electroneum. .
  2. For android users Download here –
  3. For apple/iOS users – Also available for IOS users (
  4. Now sign up to make your account and  if you want 1% bonus everytime you mine use the code ” DDADE2 ” .
  5. After Sign up your can log in to your account and start mining by clicking start mining.
  6. Once you earn ETN you can withdraw and trade on different crypto exchange to get bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency you want, Below are the list of different exchanges where ETN is avaliable for trading:  
  • CoinBene
  • KuCoin
  • Bitbns
  • Cryptopia
  • Liquid
  • Tradeogre
  • Coinspot
  • Cryptonit
  • LetsDoCoinz
  • OEX
  • Sistemkoin

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Earn Free Cryptocurrency Airdrops - Most Popular Method Today

As free btc is very difficult to find people are finding alternate ways of earning some free money, by participating in free Airdrops is the best practice today which gives you real cryptocurrency coins.

Now a days many companies are working & developing new cryptocurrencies. Before launching they are giving some of their coins freely.

These free giveaways also known as Airdrops, before proceeding you need to know some requirements.

  1. You need to have Ethereum wallet address as these coins works on ether blockchain. You can register and make account at myetherwallet to get your ether address,
  2. You should register on telegram app. Most of them uses telegram bot. And you should also have gmail account.
  3. You should have social account most commonly at facebook, twitter, google like social sites.
  4. Some requires social account at Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. as  per their requirement.
  5. Now you have to go through some simple steps to get free coins at your ETHER Address.
At the time of distribution you will get your free coins in your ether wallet as shown in below image, you will have real coins.
free bitcoin
_____Here all Latest Airdrops are updated .Scroll down and _____Join For Free Cryptocurrecy

Get Free Bitcoin Instantly :

Join Freebitco : It is the only website which i am using since last 1 year without having any problem in withdrawals.It gives free bitcoin every 1 hour.

In starting you will get small amount of satoshi but you can increase your per hour earning upto 500 satoshi. But wait main earning method is its HI-LOW multiplying game you can double triple you bitcoins.

It gives you bitcoin saving account with daily interest.

50% referral commissions for life. 

Free Bicoin Freebitco
free bicoin freebitco
Free Bicoin Freebitco

Freebitco provides many more opportunities to its user, to get complete information about and how it works and how you can get more BTC check out the below article.

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Earn Bitcoins by URL Shortener 

How to get free bitcoins instantly is the most common question for the free btc searcher by using URL shortener you can get instant btc into your 1link account.

Lets find out how it works……

  1. Here you can earn bitcoin by shortening and converting website URL.
  2. Register here at 1LINK WEBSITE.
  3. After sign up, log in to you account and Enter URL to make it Shorter :
free bitcoin

4. Now you will get a shorter link to use in your website.


5. Now all you have to do is share it with your friends on Whatsapp or if you have a website use it there to get more and more click.

6.Now How it works, when someone click to Short URL it will go to a add window with skip button on top. When skip is clicked you will be paid in Bitcoins. It really amazing method to earn BTC.   

free bitcoin

6. More click you get more Bitcoin you will earn.

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