Get Paid to search the web

Get paid to search the web in BAT Tokens

By Rithik Panwar, October 20, 2019

There are so many ways to earn the money but there is no guaranty of earning money as told to users.

But with a new internet thing i.e Blockchain technology, it opens the new doors and gives birth to many new concepts. One of them is BAT.

Using BAT as such a new advertising platform technology.

What is BAT ?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a decentralized open source digital advertising platform based on Ethereum, invented by Mozilla and Firefox co-founders, Brendan Eich.

The main goal of this project is to advertise on a blockchain platform that allows Brave to track user activity and reward the visitor and creator of content with Free BAT tokens.

BAT Project – Basic Attention Token

The basic attention token / BAT has entered the crypto field via the ICO for a relatively short time. On May 31, 2017, the ERC20 offered a token totaling one billion. The creators managed to collect a decent turn-over of 36 million dollars.

And the project is mainly led by Brendan Eich, involved in the development of Mozilla and Firefox since 1998.

Brian Bondy, formerly based in Mozzila and Evernote, is also part of the big team. who worked for Yahoo and Ankur Nandwani, who worked for Coinbase.

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BAT platform contains several components :

  • Digital Exchange – a place where advertisers can pay for their ad space.
  • Analytical dashboards.
  • Comparison algorithms
  • Systems for measuring the activity of the target group.

The entire system relies on advertisers who purchase billboards for BAT, owners, creators of content, and recipients who generate advertising revenue.

For this purpose, developers have developed a powerful Brave open source web browser. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS and Linux.

Its main task is to integrate the BAT platform in the following ways:

Get Paid for surfing BAT ads

Earn free BAT tokens with BAT browser. Users who choose to use BAT ads receive targeted offers based on certain criteria and receive a reward in that currency. Currently, the reward represents 70% of total advertising revenue.

Users will be shown Ads from the BAT ecosystem on separate tabs.

By adapting and selecting the preferred content on the client side, BAT protects the privacy of users while improving the targeting of their ads.

Brave Payments

Brave Payments is a program that allows users to support selected content creators with monthly BAT contributions.

Monthly subscriptions are split among the selected sites and channels based on the amount of time that recipients spend displaying the specified content.

What’s New in BAT

BAT will change the digital space advertising fundamentals.

Currently as per model the third party is tracking to monitor certain scripts and cookies. By targeting customer-selected ads, BAT eliminates this need and does not require any monitoring or user data collection with Brave.

This type of ad offers many advantages in terms of confidentiality.

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BAT also offers improved ad customization. Brave contains a number of user data and signals consisting of URLs, keywords and browsing history.

In this way, the platform, together with the browser, can determine if the ad to which the advertisement relates has actually seen it.

Earn BAT tokens for free at Coinbase

Coinbase gives out BAT Token, as Coinbase is one of the most important and well-known crypto exchange.

Coinbase “earn BAT offer” free crypto-currencies on its recently launched platform.

It is a learning platform that rewards users who view multiple educational videos and answer quizzes.

Coinbase does a very good job. This is probably the best crypto exchange market where you can buy crypto-currencies for the euro. They also have the Coinbase Pro, which uses a lot because it offers the opportunity to trade for free and is relatively safe. In addition, Coinbase is adding new cryptocurrencies on ragular basis.

Searching and reading will become the source of earning at Coinbase Earn

Earn a BAT crypto token while you learn. This is the main idea behind the launch of Coinbase Earn. It’s a learning portal that gives you some basic information on some of Coinbase’s coded cryptos in a few short simple to understand videos.

Why to use Brave browser ?

In addition to free crypto chips you get even better information. Crypto projects like BAT is very interesting.

These are some basic issues with ordinary web browsers, like dangerous advertising, spying on Internet users, selling their data.

Brawe wants to change issues with ordinary browser and offers its users a private, safe and fast browsing experience. Its mission is literally to repair the web.

Get paid to search the web using a Brave browser !

Do you already know the Brave browser, with which users can surf the Internet and earn ? This is a relatively recent project of the developer Basic Attention Token (BAT).

In beta version of this browser, you can get BAT tokens as a reward from ad tracking.

How Brave paid you to search the web ?

Just download the Brave Browser to your mobile device.


This browser gives you the opportunity to see the ads.

Basically, this browser applies targeted advertising to your region. After that, you will be immediately rewarded as a BAT token in your account.

Initial experience with the browser suggests that you can earn about 4/5 USD with BAT. However, this could change with the growth of the long-awaited market.

How was BAT born?

The project was originally funded by ICO and has been very successful. The token sale ended after 30 seconds. In this short period, BAT raised $ 35 million from investors.

The success of this ICO is undoubtedly attributable to its creator, Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla.

BAT also rewards Content Creator

Another important advantage of this browser can be its advantage for the internet content creators.

Users can not only earn rewards, but also distribute them. The user rewards his favorite page or favorite author with his BAT tokens collected.

On the other hand, the web portals can decide the placement of an ad on Brave, for which they will get rewards.

Brave Browser announces the transparent distribution of advertiser premiums between the browser, the ad display page, and the user. All in the following ratio of 70% for the website and the rest divided by browser and its user.

The current Brave browser project looks very promising and its use can be very attractive to users of browsers, advertisers and websites.

CryptoUniverses – BAT + Bonus

Watch ads and get Paid – Brave lets you select BAT tokens !

Many of you already know the Brave browser and what bonuses it provides. The newest version of Brave now allows users to choose Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to earn from Brave Ads.

BRAVE New version with new improvements

User can select their BAT tokens after identity verification on Uphold Crypto Banking partner.

Make money by surfing the internet

As of May, users of privacy browsers received Internet surfing tokens by seeing ads.

By default, token earning will be sent to content creator to reward them for the user’s attention. It’s essentially a cycle that works between those who show ads and those who see them.

However, you can disable this option and save tokens for yourselve.

If they want to do more, they can buy additional crypto through Uphold after verification of user identity. Soon, we will be able to give BAT tokens through various platforms such as Reddit, Vimeo and Twitter.


Like Brave, BAT is an interesting concept in which the advertiser is addressed very well, the creator of the content is rewarded according to the target audience of his product and the recipient, the user is rewarded for his or her advertising activity.

At the same time, the developers have guaranteed the end user anonymity, so that private data from the Brave browser is not in the hands of unauthorized persons.

While the creators of this project have successfully started their careers in a competitive environment (Mozilla, Firefox, Yahoo), their product is well positioned to continue development and growth.

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