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GOOSE Q | Road Data Computation Engine

Goose Q, its is a powerful china project that is designed specifically for the global logistics industry using blockchain technology to protect user data and facilitate the flow of information and cost.

It works with specific gadgets to record information from trucks and then encrypts and securely stores the existing logistics on the blockchain.

Power of blockchain technology

Goose Q project shows the power of blockchain technology and how this technology is going to shape the world.

The Goose Q is able to collect a full range of visual verifiable reliable traceable anti-fraud data and reliably handle them with the help of LTT to improve traffic safety and reduce the number of road traffic accidents.

The truck combines various safe driving algorithms that analyzes a high amount of environmental information and provides users with comprehensive safe driving services.

Telecommunication services

Telecommunication services of Goose Q produces sim cards that is specially designed for truck drivers and made it possible to use a lot of logistics and entertainment applications for traffic consumption for free.

So that Goose Q can collect huge user bases for data collection and solve one of the main problems of the logistics industry namely the lack of data to combat invoice fraud.

Russian strives to become a pioneer and leader in communication with the logistics industry.

Key project facts, first more than ten years of operation second successful investment round in 2014, 3 wide partnership network with major industry players moves fourth to cooperate with the Chinese government.

Logistics Problem Solving

Member of Goose Q produces sim cards that are specially designed for truck drivers and made it possible to collect huge user data collection and solve one of the main problems of the logistics industry namely the lack of data to combat invoice fraud

The project team works for the efficiency of the logistics industry and social welfare.

Daluka Sim Card

Daluka Sim card system has its own sim card which provides high penetration rates on the market, consider seven factors.

A. First launched with the China Unicom, 4th largest in the world, the telecommunication provider began to cooperate with the project in December 2018.

B. The second free calls within the network, the standard package is about 35 per month and calls are free on the network so that drivers can freely communicate with their families while away from home.

C. Pre-orders sales began in April 2012 and full-scale penetration of the truck drivers market continues

D. Aimed at truck drivers China uniquely opens the niche market for truck drivers through the business network

E. Free traffic for 100 plus affiliate applications including entertainment business logistics applications and top hits such as current 100 plus sales partners including major logistics management platforms, radio stations, online fuel delivery platforms and trucking communities.

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Goose Q Business Data Model

Data is the main business of the truck ecosystem logistics sector there are no major competitors.

The first data manufacturers taxi cabs equipped with sim cards, GPS gave drive data of 16, 10 and a half hours a day to consumer data.

There are four main categories of data consumers :

  1. First business card insurance companies financial institutions.
  2. Second government tax and police departments.
  3. Third consumers within the framework of ecosystem and among the applications of its partners.

Intention is the implementation of GQ tokens for truck drivers and by September 2019 free traffic by sim card.

goose q
goose q

GQ Token current supply is approximately 1 percent, blockchain platform is ethereum/ ERC-20.

Before investing in Goose Q – understanding of the development and functioning of blockchain projects allows you to be at the highest level. You can read more about them on the site.

Thank you for your attention. I want to remind you not to forget about risks while investing. Invest only that you can afford to loose.

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