Honeyminer Review 2020 – Is It Working ?

By Rithik Panwar, April 26, 2020

Honey minor (Honeyminer review) is a cryptocurrency mining program for the desktop. When mining, it is possible to mine Ethereum (ETH), Zcash, Monero, etc., using both a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics card (GPU). The mined cryptocurrency is automatically converted to Bitcoin and operated by sending it to the user’s account.

Honeyminer review, The project was created by a group of entrepreneurs, security experts, and crypto enthusiasts who believe that decentralized blockchain systems and technologies will improve millions of people’s lives by creating a new and fair financial ecosystem.

They were aware that useful tools were needed to ensure the accessibility and safety of this ecosystem. Therefore, they created the Honeyminer algorithm so that everyone can participate in the construction of a better-decentralized future; and make it safe enough to work on your personal computer. The company is based in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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What is Honeyminer?

Honeyminer is a proprietary algorithm that scans dozens of cryptocurrencies to identify the most profitable coins for mining at any given time. It gives anyone who wants access to sophisticated cryptocurrency mining software.

All coins mined using your laptop or PC will be automatically converted to Bitcoin, and your balance will increase daily. You can save it as an investment or sell it for cash at any time.

Imagine that you earn significant passive income by simply turning on your computer, all the while participating in the revolutionary blockchain technology.

honeyminer review
honeyminer review

Honeyminer Overview

Honeyminer is a software application that allows anyone to mine cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere with a computer. Honeyminer review is currently used in 167 countries, and even when the mining market is generally in a recession, honeymooner has grown since its first launch.

Honeyminer can be signed up in less than a minute and always protects clients using encrypted software using SSL technology and encryption. Servers are 100% anonymous and distributed.

To use the company’s service, two-factor authentication must be used so that only the user can use the account. All lines of Honeyminer code are monitored, and there is no risk of malware.

There are two versions of the Honeyminer program, Windows and Mac. The Linux version is under development. The Mac OS version, released in May 2019, includes current mining statistics, full activity log views, and cryptocurrency withdrawal features.

The main feature is that mining is possible when the computer is in an idle state (a state where a computer can be used but is not performing due to system factors, etc.).

How to get started with Honeyminer?

It’s super simple to start honeyminer, and you need to download the Honeyminer application from the official website, install and run it on your computer. Once the software is installed on your PC, create an account by entering your email address and password.

The first window that appears when you hit the ‘Get Started’ button. It is easy to use and understand. At first glance, it has a Honeymeter on/off switch, balance and credit options, and the ability to see current activity.

By default, Honeyminer does not start mining using CPU / GPU power until it is ready. The software has an on / off switch that is flexible and easy to use.

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Honeyminer software scans dozens of tokens and selects the best tokens. All tokens are automatically mined and sent daily.

Users can invest in more hash power, more investment, or withdraw cash with an account. We can easily use Honeyminer’s software to mine tokens and convert them to bitcoins using CPU and GPU capabilities.

The amount you earn will always depend on how powerful your computer is. Computers built for games or new PCs will do the maximum.

Old computers and laptops will also be able to mine, but not at the same levels as new ones. With high performance, new computers can earn $ 1-3 a day on the GPU (based on the current value of Bitcoin), but regardless of all, they will mine Bitcoin.

honey miner review
honey miner review

Honeyminer automatically switches between different cryptocurrencies during the day and night; when their value changes, the program chooses the best option for mining.

You can track the system’s statistics both in the application itself and in the interface of your account on the Honeyminer website.

You can also increase your earnings using a two-level referral program. If you invite someone using your referral link (1st level referrals), you get a 10% stake in Honeyminer.

If those you invited also contact someone (referrals of the 2nd level), you also receive a 5% stake in Honeyminer.

How Honeyminer Works

  • Join the Honeyminer community
  • Run the Honeymitter program on your computer
  • It will share the idle resources of the GPU (graphic card) or CPU.
  • Computers mine altcoins and become part of the blockchain.
  • Honeyminer automatically converts these coins into bitcoins.
  • The converted bitcoins are piled up in the user’s account.

Honeyminer Review


  • Very user friendly.
  • Account creation is easy.
  • It is free to use.
  • It supports both CPU and GPU mining.
  • It can mine various cryptocurrencies. The software determines the most profitable coin currently based on computer specifications and the difficulty of all blockchains.
  • Receive bonuses as you progress through the levels.


  • Software slows down your computer.
  • Electricity rates can go up.
  • According to a review of Reddit, there may be problems starting some GPUs in the software.

Honeyminer Security

Some antivirus programs may mark Honeyminer as an unknown application. It is because Honeyminer is brand new. The Honeyminer software is written in the United States, is fully compiled with code signed by DigiCert, and is thoroughly tested for safety compliance.

After the Honeyminer is installed, you can turn it on and off as you please. Your computer should work perfectly fine with it. The only exception would be if you played a graphic video game, in which case you can pause Honeyminer to avoid overloading the same video card.

Anonymous and encrypted

Information passing through the server is anonymously protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and aggressive encryption.

Access control

Honeyminer provides two-factor authentication to protect your account. Implement strict password policies, smart session monitoring, and suspicious login activity.

Full Audit Code

All code lines are audited and verified in-house by security experts. There is no risk of anonymously generated mining software distributing malicious code.

Asset Protection

Prevent hacking by storing all users’ digital assets in cold storage that is not connected to the Internet.

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