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Best Way to Buy Monero UK in 5 Easy Steps

By Rithik Panwar, August 21, 2021

How to Buy Monero UK – Monero is a popular privacy coin that allows lightning fast transactions and complete anonymity.

Monero (XMR), can be purchased directly with LocalMonero. It is possible to buy Monero (XMR) but its not the cheapest way.

You can get the lowest rates by buying it on a cryptocurrency exchange like e.g. Poloniex and Binance with Bitcoin (BTC),

We discuss here every aspect of How to Buy Monero in the UK.The key benefits of this crypto asset are also discussed. You can get started today and start buying XMR coins in less than 5 minutes!

If you are from the UK, this article will outline the best places to buy Monero (XMR).

How to Buy Monero UK with Bitcoin (BTC).

If you only care about how to buy Monero UK (XMR), then Poloniex is the right choice. Poloniex is an excellent choice, and has the best rate in cryptocurrency market.

Poloniex does not have an XMR/GBP trading pairing, but they do support GBP deposits. They also have a BTC/GBP trade pair. This means you don’t have to worry about buying Bitcoin (BTC), and then sending it to Poloniex . It’s all possible in one place.

This is how it looks now for UK residents:

  1. Signup to Poloniex (if you’re new to it). To unlock GBP deposits, you will need to verify your identity. This is not a difficult process. I was verified very easily.
  2. Use your Debit and Credit cards. Poloniex uses services of Simplex (payments processing company) to enable users to buy BTC with their debit and credit cards and have their purchase deposited directly onto their Poloniex accounts.
  3. You can buy Bitcoin (BTC) on Poloniex exchange.
    • Click -> Wallet
    • Click -> Buy with Fiat – In right top corner
    • Select the Bitcoin crypto asset to buy. The fees and total cost will be displayed below.
    • Simply adjust the amount that you are willing to purchase and you can move forward when you feel ready.
  4. Buy Monero (XMR), on the BTC/XMR spot exchange on Poloniex. You will get the actual BTC-to XMR exchange rate. Maximum fees will not exceed 0.1%.
  5. Its time to Withdraw Monero/XMR. Poloniex charges low fees to withdraw Monero (XMR). Withdraw XMR by putting the receiver address and send XMR wherever you want

I prefer Poloniex as it has very easy to use interface, you can follow the same steps with Binance. if you are looking for how to buy monero uk

Summary: UK Buy Monero

If you want the cheapest rates, then you should buy Monero (XMR) with Bitcoin (BTC) on a cryptocurrency exchange like Poloniex. This process would take approximately 3-4 hours and cost you 0.2%.

We are grateful that you have taken the time to review this guide on Monero (XMR), buying in the UK.

Have a question? Want to share information about other places you can purchase Monero (XMR).

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