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Free WCX Coin | How To Get Free X Token (XT)

Recently Discovered a new project i.e WCX Coin launching. The ICO is currently in progress. It’s a global crypto Exchange of digital assets.

At this time, they are offering replacements to get 100 XT tokens. It also has a very good referral plan that will get you 100 XT for everyone who registers through your link, as well as 15% of all XT purchases they make.

Join Us: Get a WCX token

X token (XT) is the native token of WCX. You can purchase an XT with BTC, ETH or LTC. Bonuses are available based on the amount you buy.

WCX is a digital asset exchange.

WCX’s vision is to become a global stock market driven solely by digital currencies. To achieve this goal, They plan to introduce three products:

  • Spot Exchange. Liquidity, trading between high-cap currencies such as BTC, ETH and USD.
  • Futures Exchange. Use Bitcoin and Ethereum to trade stocks, currencies, gold, encryption, and so on.
  • Decentralized Exchange. Trade thousands of utility and security tokens in a trustless manner.

WCX’s native crypto-token, rated 4.8 points (out of 5 points) in the Timmons Token Trust Scale, is one of the highest digital tokens currently in circulation.

wcx coin
x token

Token Sale Details

Native WCX COIN : X Token (XT)

  • X Token (XT) is the native cryptotoken of the WCX.
  • XT benefits from buyback and combustion plans, which reduces supply.
  • Maximum limit: 1 Billion XT
  • Maximum Duration: 112 days
  • Token Type: ERC-20 (ETH)
  • Buy Back & Burn: 70% of tokens sold
  • Distribution: 70% Public / 30% WCX
  • Exchange Listing: WCX
  • Sale Started: May 13, 2018

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WCX COIN Sale Process

  • XT issuance will only happen once, during the X Token Sale. The Goal is to make the WCX coin platform worthwhile for a long time, and it is for people who are also interested in long-term value creation and growth.
  • The token sale occurs in 20 periods of 50 million tokens each.
  • Once a period is over, tokens sold during the next period are priced 10% higher.
  • The maximum cap of X tokens that can be sold is 1 billion.
  • XT was released as ERC20 token in the Ethereum Network. Once the token is sold, you will receive a transaction or withdrawal from your purchased XT in your WCX account. XT initially trades through WCX in three markets: XT / BTC, XT / ETH and XT / USDC.
  • Any token that has not been sold after the token sale ends are put up for sale on this page, at a price equal to XT’s market price as traded on the public markets.

Buy Back & Burn Program

  • Every quarter, it will use 20% of WCX profits to buy back and burn X brands at market prices, effectively reducing the total supply available.
  • This buy back and burn activity will continue until 70% of all publicly issued X tokens are burned.
  • The Buy Back & Burn Program begins in the fourth quarter of 2018.


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