IOTA price speculation and prediction 2020

IOTA Price Prediction: The year 2017 was excellent for the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, including IOTA. IOTA has returned more than 12,500% in less than 6 months. The question that concerns everyone, however is what’s the future of IOTA and how the IOTA prices are forecasted………….


However, Cryptocurrencies are known to be unpredictable and fluctuates significantly, making these complex assets a risky and speculative suggestion for potential purchasers.

Numerous internal and external factors can affect the value of a particular cryptocurrency. It is therefore important to carefully examine these points before you take part with your hard-earned money.

Today I will share with you some of the best IOTA price forecasts. In the short and long term, I will discuss the prediction of IOTA parts and explain the predictions made using other methods.

At the end of this guide you will therefore know the highest price forecast for IOTA in 2019, 2020 and explain why IOTA price prediction/IOTA can be a good or a bad investment.

Not only do you need to be aware of the forecasts, but also seek the advice of a financial adviser before making an investment decision.

IOTA Price Prediction

IOTA was founded in 2015 and is a cryptocurrency developed for the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart home appliances like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant are one of the most popular examples of IoT.

Will the IOTA prices skyrocket or go down in the coming months ? Why ?

How IOTA coin is different from other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum ?

  • IOTA uses a new protocol called ‘Tangle’ while other cryptocurrencies uses blockchain technology.
  • Put simply, Internet of Things / IoT refers to devices that communicate with each other through sensors and the Internet. The IOTA part is designed to make communication between these IoT devices safer and more transparent.
  • Transaction fees in case of IOTA is approximately  ZERO ! whether other cryptos charges high transaction fees.
  • Transaction speed of increases as the number of IOTA users increases.
  • The speed of transactions in the network increases as the number of IOTA users increases while other cryptocurrency performs at low transaction speeds.

Now let’s find out Price Forecast for IOTA in 2019

As you know, the cryptocurrency market can undergo major changes in minutes, making it very unpredictable. However, certain fundamental factors may affect the prices of a cryptocurrency.

In the following IOTA part forecast sections, we will see how different methods use different factors to find out the IOTA Price Prediction for future.

What could affect IOTA’s growth in coming days ?

  • Business partnerships
  1.  IOTA has partnered with Samsung Group, Volkswagen, Bosch and many other big names in the corporate world.
  2. IOTA has also teamed up with the city of Taipei to give ID cards to its citizens.
  • Developments
  1.  IOTA is designed as the Internet of Things (IoT) platform and has an estimated value of $ 267 billion by 2020 and 20.4 billion “objects” associated with the same date.
  2. If IOTA can provide an effective alternative to the Internet of Things blockchain, there is certainly a sizable market that could be exploited.
  • Quality of being Scalable
  1.  Unlike many blockchains with slower transaction rate and higher costs, the IOTA network is infinitely scalable.
  • Utilization
  1.  Application IOTA offers many options, from online payments and smart transfers to supply chain management and public transport.
  • IOTA Circulation
  1.  The maximum quantity of 2,779,530,283 MIOTA is already circulating (remember that 1 IOTA is the smallest divisible fraction of the currency and 1 MIOTA = 1 million IOTA).
  2. Be sure to consider what impact this may have on the supply / demand equation of this cryptocurrency in the future.
  • IOTA System
  1.  In February 2018, IOTA announced the IOTA Ecosystem, a platform for developers, startups, enthusiasts and initiatives around the world working on applications based on the IOTA core protocol.
  2. According to the official blog announcing the launch, Ecosystem will be “a hub for education, innovation, tools, collaboration and development for the distributed ledger IOTA protocol”.

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Lets know about some Experts Views

Experts have mixed views for the future of this technology.

  • John McAfee
  1.  There are “experts” in the industry whose opinions can have a profound impact on crypto-currency prices. One of those so-called “experts” is John McAfee, who you are most likely to know if you regularly monitor the cryptocurrency market.
  2. Unfortunately, especially after announcing its collaboration with Microsoft, IOTA is not one of John McAfee’s favorites. While he did not give an accurate estimate of the IOTA price, he mentions that his growth will slow to 10% per year.
  • Ethereum Founder “Vitalik Buterin”
  1. Another very popular name in the crypto world industry. In his criticism of IOTA he was quite virulent because it uses Tangle instead of Blockchain.
  2. He believes that Tangle is not the technology for Cryptocurency.
  • Website “
  1.  Their annual forecast is approx 10 USD. They are optimistic about the future of IOTA due to the ongoing development of IOTA’s underlying technology by its team.

As you can see:

All forecasts predict mixed outcome, that IOTA will generate positive returns but expect different amounts.

As we know, due to the nature of the cryptocurrency, there can not be a single, concrete prediction for IOTA.

These are some of the best long-term IOTA price prediction. However, it is hard to say if IOTA is a good or a bad investment.

However, I will now explain a few basic aspects that may shed more light on IOTA.

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Research Well if you are thinking to invest in IOTA……

When you think about buying IOTA, keep in mind that the technology associated with the network is relatively new and is still under development and testing.

If it works as expected, Tangle could become a competitive competitor to blockchain technology and well positioned to benefit from the anticipated growth of the IoT sector.

However, some parties always criticized the technological framework of IOTA. You must therefore conduct your own research on the operation before deciding whether to buy this digital currency.

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