MIB coin mines hundreds of thousands of android devices. Join them too!

The MIB coin we introduced before the flight is gaining momentum. Its price has not yet risen, but in the meantime new mining pools have been created, and tens of thousands of equipment and users have been mining this coin. Are you laughing at the thought of mining on mobile phones when you have a mining rig in your garage of good graphics? So read on! Why is the MIB coin interesting?

A lot of work started after the swap!

MIB (ERC20) On May 8, the token was swapped on the MIB coin, and then the real work with this cryptocurrency began. The MIB Coin team has expanded its range of production pools to include a European pool, which has begun to add masses of mining equipment. Needless to say, mining takes place directly on your mobile phone. While before SWAP itself the number of installed devices with mining application was 135 000, in August (two months after SWAP) it was up to 230 000 devices! During that time, the MIB coin has reached the Coinmarketcap as well as the Coinbene Stock Exchange, where it can be traded.

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Is such a typical mining worthwhile today?

Due to the new generation of Mobile Integrated Blockchain, on which the MIB coin works, mining is highly profitable. Ideal for mining a mobile phone with Android 5.0 and above. Depending on the performance of your phone, you will be able to reward MIB coins. In 24 hours you can currently get around 5-6 MIB coins, which is based on the current price of 0, 042 €. Four cents aren’t much, but given maximum phone consumption and cheap electricity, profitability is higher than other coins in the TOP 10.

Mobile mining farm? It also exists!

In the short run of MIB Coin, this coin has acquired hundreds of thousands of users who put together an incredible mining farm. From old phones, semi-functional phones as well as motherboards. Here are a few examples. There are no limits to imagination. There is no ponzi, MLM and the like. There is no referral system or anything like that. Classic honest mining through the use of mobile CPU and Android environment. Below are examples of TOP minerals.

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Slovakia and Czech Republic join MIB coin policy!

After the establishment of the European mining pool, Czech and Slovak miners joined. A great advantage over the western countries is the price of electricity that they have in Slovakia and the Czech Republic are affordable. In Germany, the average price per kw / h is 0, 28 €. Despite this price, MIB Coin mining is profitable. For us it is around 0, 08 – 0, 14 € per kw / h. So, who is considering any mining should try the MIB coin. Buy old phones and go for it.

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