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MIB Coin – Mining with mobile phone

In this article we will introduce a coin based on MSXBP (Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform) platform. Coin name is MIB.

This coin, abbreviated as Mobile Integrated Blockchain, is based on the mobile platform for which it was created. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone, and everyone is definitely visiting the stores.

Why should you pay by card? Why should you pay with cash?

Why pay an MIB coin as a payment whose transaction is measured in seconds?

If you think we are going to write an article about another Electron-like coin (ETN) then you are wrong. They have common features but a completely different approach.

While the Electroneum team has always been privileged in marketing from the outset giving away literally free coins, you have to earn coins in the case of MIB Coin.

And that is why, at the time of writing, the 1MIB coin is almost three times the value of 1ETN.

Electroneum bases the principle of obtaining a crypto for free on cloud mining. However, the MIB coin does not simulate, but performs real calculations. Thus, mining is in progress.

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Mining ? That will destroy my battery, right ?

The application developed by the MIB Coin development team, which is only for phones, can truly extract these coins directly on your phone.

Paying for such mining is certainly beyond the phone’s power consumption at this time, including the phone’s amortization.

Mining can be started even in the lowest mode and you do not have to worry that the battery of your device will be discarded.

The MIB Coin development team invented the most profitable mobile phone mining system. The remuneration for the phone owner is relatively high, given the energy consumption.

Both ETN and MIB has a single goal

However, both development teams have a single goal. Bring your own phone payment to people without the need for a bank card, cash, and long waiting.

While for ETN, the transaction in minutes for MIB Coin is still seconds. The MIB coin team polls have proven that people do not want standard banks and are in favor of a more innovative payment principle.

They have been operating since last year and are moving forward with leaps and bounds.

From the created ICO passed so-called. Swap, when the ICO ERC20 token actually became a full MIB coin. 7 May 2019 was therefore revolutionary for them and continues.

Mobile Mining App

MIB Coin African Implementation

MIB currently score in African countries where they test and implement the MIB Coin payment system and fulfill the main goal of their whitepaper.

In some backward African countries, the population is lacking in banks and total deposits, withdrawals and transactions are very expensive due to living conditions.

This is what the MIB team wants to change. They want to point out that a simple smartphone with specially designed software is enough to build a network where no problem can be paid in seconds for any action or goods. We keep our fingers crossed for them ?

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Want to benefit ?

Never mind, buy on the stock exchange and WATCH. We recommend Coinbene.

Do you believe in this project and the intention of the MIB Coin development team?

The payment system is not yet integrated into the countries, but if you really trust their work, you can burden their coins or simply trade on the exchanges where their coin is listed. Specifically, Coinbene, IDCM and BTCC KOREA.

In case something goes well for the future team, we can expect a pump.

Finally, we add that in the spring of this year, when bitcoin was poor, the price of MIB Coin was more or less stable.

In any case, it is probably worth watching MIB. There is a high probability that it will still surprise. ?

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