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By Rithik Panwar, July 18, 2020

The mining server is located in the United States. Minergate is an open mining field, and users can enter the mining process by downloading an open user interface. In January 2018, there were more than 3 million users, and in November 2019, it had more than 300,000 regular members. It supports mining 13 cryptocurrencies, and the mining profits paid to miners in 2017 totaled $ 20 million.

In Minergate, users can proceed to the desired mining process by selecting a smart mining option or a cryptocurrency manual. The combined mining method promotes the mining of the two mining coins simultaneously without losing the hash rate of the main mining coin. Maybe. Two types of merged cryptocurrency can be upgraded at this time: Bytecoin and Monero Classic.

Minergate recently became Tron’s super representative and was able to support his mainnet.

In the future, Minergate will be listed with the new PoS algorithm in the list of mined objects and also in cryptocurrencies that use other consensus algorithms (PoS, PoC, etc.).classic

You will be able to mine multiple altcoins like

  • Bitcoin
  • Monero
  • Ethereum
  • Zcash
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • G-Cash
  • GRIN
  • EOS
  • Etherum classic
  • Monero classic
  • Tron
  • Aeon Coin
  • Icon

Since the development of the Minergate platform, it is necessary to balance mining competition by allowing PC users to combine their CPU performance for mining cryptocurrency.

These mining pools enable individuals to mine profitably for cryptocurrencies as it continues to establish  in large multi-million dollar data mining centers worldwide.

To better understand the importance of the Minergate project, let’s quickly review the current mining landscape.

Mining in Current CryptoMarket

Nowadays, many developments within the mining sector create it nearly impossible for people to do mining from home with PCs or laptops.
Mining is a very important business. If you cannot create some cash with new hardware, finding the profitable altcoin in your setting will be tough.
Miners use specially designed mining equipment that’s much more efficient than normal PCs. Additionally to the current new technical barrier, there are vast mining sites around the world.
These extensive facilities integrate up to thousands of mining facilities at one location, and lots of systems use the maximum amount of power as little cities.

What is Minergate ?

Minergate – The good thing is you can mine all these cryptocurrencies with your personal computer.

All coin mining with the help of minergate’s coin miner Software.

Again minergate make it possible for you to mine with your laptop and PC again.

Minergate Miner

Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin [BTC] Mining

The MinerGate Network Mining / Coin Miner is a smart coin multi-pool miner that allows users to do crypto mining for multiple crypto currencies on the market. Minergate also offers cloud mining.

Minergate Review

It gives a real mining experience for several altcoins, which you can mine with just your PC, and have a mobile app for mining.

You can have multiple devices mining at the same time, which is great. For beginners entering the crypto mining world, it is a good platform to start with and have real mining experience.

It gives you real cryptocurrency, which you can mining without heavy GPU.

Read Here: Wants to know about GPU mining.

This is the 1st pool that provides service for merged mining. MinerGate allows users to mine multiple coins users can manually select between different cryptocurrencies.

With this crypto-miner, you can also mine with your mobile by simply downloading the mobile App. “Click here to download.”

Minergate android is also available for mobile mining.


MinerGate Supports Different Currencies

  1. QuazarCoin [QCN]
  2. Zcash [ZEC]
  3. Bitcoin [BTC]
  4. Ethereum [ETH]
  5. Monero [XMR]
  6. Litecoin [LTC]
  7. Bytecoin [BCN]
  8. DigitalNote [XDN]
  9. Fantomcoin [FCN]
  10. AEON coin [AEON]
  11. Infinium-8 [INF8]
  12. Bitcoin Gold [BTG]
  13. Dashcoin [DSH]
  14. MonetaVerde [MCN]

Currently, it also allows cloud mining for Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR). Ethereum cloud mining is coming soon…………….

At present, cloud mining of Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) is also possible. The cloud mining of Ethereum will follow soon …………….

Best of all, an affiliate program offers you a bonus of up to 75% by inviting users to join the program with your unique affiliate link.

It has its built-in chat room and is very helpful to meet new and experienced people.

MinerGate fees: 1.5% of the PPS payment fee and 1% of the PPLNS fee.

Cloud Mining

Minergate has some of the world’s largest mining facilities. One can purchase more hash power on rent to improve mining profitability.

Minergate guarantees that it’s constantly mining.

Bitcoin Minergate Mining: It also provides cloud mining for Bitcoin & Monero. For Bitcoin, mining is a very good opportunity to buy a mining contract.

coin miner


It is a lifetime Bitcoin mining contract; your coins are newly mined and are credited straight from the block reward.
I hope now you have a good idea about minergate, so do not wait to start your mining journey with Minergate.

Minergate Verification Code 

For taking more security measures for your hard earn coins, Minergate has enabled 2FA or 2-factor authentication process, which is also known as minergate authentication code.

Minergate Verification Code Forgot

But What you do if your phone data is erased or you cannot check the code for 2-step verification to log in to this site.
The answer is you have to disable 2FA for your account, and Now the problem is this you can not disable it by yourself. You have to raise a support ticket :

>>>>> Click Here to go to support ticket page <<<<<

In case your minergate verification code is lost, then minergate needs to verify that you are the real owner of this account.

They ask you for basic information about your account to identify you.

After the Security check, they will disable 2-step verification.

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