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MIB Coin : Mobile Mining android App

By Rithik Panwar, July 22, 2018

MIB Coin, Smart Mobile Mining apps

Mobile mining apps: Are you hopeless for mining as you don’t have money to buy costly mining cryptocurrency hardware? But now, this mining monopoly will end with MIB Mobile Mining Platform, where we can mine mobile cryptocurrency. Start Mining MIB Coin on your smartphone.

The World’s First Mobile-only Cryptocurrency

MIB Coin is a smartphone-based blockchain network. You can download the Mobile mining App and Wallet.

Click the below links to download and start mobile mining MIB coins as miner anywhere!! Anytime!

Download Android MINER             Download IOS Miner

Download Android Wallet              Download IOS Wallet


MIB Miner

It supports mining with multiple devices at the same time. Each associated device will be designated a Worker and gives you convenient and straightforward mass Mining management.

MIB Wallet

You can exchange your mobile mined MIB Coin and Trade it with everybody. All your mined MIB from numerous Workers will be naturally accumulated. You can send/receive quickly and trade safely.

Global Major Exchanges for MIB Trading

  • Coinbene
  • Coinsuper
  • IDCM


Mobile mining MIB

  • MIB Market Cap

    • Market Cap – $1,157,830 USD
    • MIB Price – $0.03 USD
    • Volume (24h) – $29,658 USD

    How do you mine cryptocurrency on smartphones without dedicated expensive equipment?

    • This coin can’t mine current ASIC and GPU techniques. It is just accessible on cell phones.
    • Benchmark your smartphone and assign a hash rate.
    • MIB is structured so that your cell phone can withstand the computational complexity required for mining and shield your cell phone from overheating and harming the equipment.
    • It’s possible with one smartphone.
    • Reduced power by 99.24% compared to existing.
    • Mining machines.
    • Anyone can mine with a smartphone.

    At just one touch, it’s all over. Efficiently mine and use MIB coin anywhere and anytime.

    • Install MIB mobile Mining App.
    • Mine MIB with one touch.
    • Various payment methods are available.

Mobile mining

MIB’s SmartX Blockchain Platform Structure

We are introducing the concept of a mobile platform based on blockchain.

  • It is not a dedicated mining machine (ASIC or GPU). It is mobile mining.
  • Mining that was restrictive to just individual nations and organizations are now available to all. Everyone can participate.
  • An eco-friendly, low-power energy-based mining method solves excessive power consumption issues.
  • Keep it at a minimal cost instead of existing expensive blockchain networks.

MIB will create a variety of tokens based on the SmartX Blockchain Platform of MIB.

Doubtlessly GPUs are best to mine, and we can mine any coins with GPUs; however, they are costly. Only one out of every odd one can bear the cost of them.

However, heaps of new individuals are looking for a less expensive route to digital money. It creates a new idea of Android mobile mining, IOS mobile mining, and CPU mining.

And this gives birth to the SmartX Blockchain Platform, which in the future will also provide many mobile minable cryptocurrencies.

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  • MIB Mainnet venture has been drawing in consideration with its SmartPhone-based Blockchain Mainnet, and it is currently making buzz as individuals from worldwide are joining just a month from its launch.
  • Jaden Park, the CEO of MIB, said that?—? “MIB Mainnet takes advantage of low-power and easy mining using Smartphone, which is the reason for its rapid success” and also expressed his ambition that?—? “There are three billion smartphones globally, and MIB Mainnet will become one of the leading global Blockchain Mainnet by spurring the development of Distributed Computing Technology based on mobile mining device.
  • MIB Mainnet the average number of miners is 10,000 miners per day, 29,000 miners per month. And an average of 17 hours of mining. The miners are from 55 different nations all through the world.
  • A Mainnet is an autonomous Blockchain ecosystem that gives an establishment to produce Cryptocurrencies and various DApps by working its Blockchain network system.
  • MIB intends to support different DApps to dispatch their services on MIB Mainnet in 2019.

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