Noteworthy potential coin in the near future – BadgerDAO

By Rithik Panwar, February 10, 2021

BadgeDAO is a coin that I noticed recently and already bought. I am optimistic about the potential of this coin and plan to implement it in the medium to long term to see if there is a chance it could be valued multiple times. As part of the recent DeFi madness, DeFi coins like MKR, CAKE, UNI and 1INCH have seen amazing gains, and BadgerDAO is a DeFi project that has recently been hotly debated by the overseas crypto community. What you have to do is very easy to get BTC into the DeFi world.

Badger Dao 1

The name BadgerDAO is very interesting indeed. Badger Chinese is badger. It is a mammal that loves to eat honey. Bitcoin is often referred to as “The Money Honey Badger” by the cryptocurrency community. In Reddit and other communities, the community is widespread and the name BadgerDAO comes from there.

What is BadgerDAO?

What is BadgerDAO? I will not take the time to present it in detail.

The following is an excerpt from an introduction to a article.

Badger is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and that organization has only one goal: to create a product and infrastructure that accelerate Bitcoin as security for other blockchains.

It is a decentralized, autonomous ecosystem where project parties and DeFi staff can come together to work together and develop the products our space needs. By sharing DAO, developers can leverage the same incentives, and decentralized governance can ensure that these incentives remain fair to all parties. This idea will bring less competition and more collaboration.

It is therefore important to start with “the community” from day one. All decisions are made through controlled voting, including who, how and when to create the BadgerDAO product. It is also important to ensure that $ BADGER is distributed fairly so that all participants have the opportunity to participate and benefit from it.

This forms the basis for Badger to always maintain the community as the main body, fairness and transparency.

Developer badger
Products created by the community
Badger’s dedicated operational team
Fair distribution of $ Badger Governance tokens in advance
All of the code is open source
Members of the Badger Community can submit new product ideas to the DAO and present the proposal to all community members via video. If these steps have been formally approved, the proposal will ultimately be adopted. Once approved, BadgerDAO’s operations team will work with you on development, funding and marketing. Of course, it’s not about allowing just one member of the community to come up with a suggestion, but rather hoping that many contributors will come together to create the best product we can make.

Badger developers are open and willing to work with anyone who wants to develop with them. It’s great to see the best DeFi developers and offerings on the show.

This structure is intended to give everyone the opportunity to create whatever they need, regardless of whether they are individual developers, blockchain companies, development companies or just people with ideas. Any product published by the Badger community must be fair, transparent, and reward anyone who puts the product into practice. This includes sharing fees, token rewards, etc.

We believe community governance can work together to create the products the DeFi industry needs more effectively than centralized companies developing decentralized solutions.

The total amount of BADGER is the same as Bitcoin’s which is 21 million while there are currently only 2.3 million in the market. Most of the tokens in the market have been involved in the on-chain control of some DeFi projects or have donated to GitCoin and received air drops.

We saw this model in Uniswap’s governance token. UNI and UNI also received drops of air after the start. The low level of less than $ 2 in more than a month was multiplied by more than six and reached a market value of over $ 3 billion.

Why am I optimistic about the price development of the BADGER currency? In fact, there are several reasons:

  • The market value is low, the current market value of BADGER is only 37.3 million
  • The development speed of the team is commendable and several products such as SETT and DIGG were brought to market in a short period of time.
  • The total lockout value is in the top ten DeFi in a month.
  • The smart contract is checked by the third party company Zokyo and is more reliable in terms of security
  • The BadgerDAO team is not anonymous and participates in project management
  • The BadgerDAO team “claims” that it will not actively add liquidity to the exchange (which will help attract the market).
  • BadgerDAO brings Bitcoin to DeFi, and Bitcoin currently accounts for over 60% of the combined market value of all cryptocurrencies. If he can do what he says he has unlimited potential.
  • On the DeFi Pulse website, only BADGER by Total Value Locked is selected among the top ten, which is not yet listed on Binance. BADGER is currently listed on OKEx and Huobi. It can rise after takeoff.
  • The team did not run fundraisers or token sales, but were billed directly from the market. This is a pseudo community token with a “fair start” (not a 100% good start as 10% of the tokens will be assigned to the team, but will be wired (Sex Unlock Mechanism) and I think everyone knows the “fair start” “Model used by YFI of Andre Cronje, the best god of DeFi, and YFI went from worthless to more expensive than Bitcoin I. I think you all know the story.

On the DeFi Pulse website, it currently ranks eighth in the total banned value, which is even higher than the popular Yearn Finance, Balancer, RenVM and Alpha Homora. The currently outstanding market value of YFI is 876 million, BAL 146 million and ALPHA 179 million.

It can be seen that the BADGER coin, which has a market value of only 37.3 million, still offers plenty of room for an increase and the value rate is extremely high. Unsurprisingly, the future market value surpasses 100 million.

We can also try to compare with other similar projects. Another attempt to bring Bitcoin to the DeFi world is THORChain (RUNE) and its current market value is 378 million, which is even higher than BAL and ALPHA. This also indirectly shows the potential of BADGER in the future.

BadgerDAO also introduced the DIGG stablecoin algorithm, which uses the weekly bid to control prices. Its principle is similar to that of AMPL, but this time it is anchored on Bitcoin. When the price of Bitcoin changes, DIGG automatically adjusts its offer.

When the price of DIGG is higher than that of Bitcoin, the wallet balance of all users increases. On the contrary, if it is lower than Bitcoin, then all users’ wallet balance is. will decrease. It is believed that this is a very bold innovation for the DeFi field.

Badger Dao 7

In the figure we can see that the amount of Bitcoin blocked in the BadgerDAO smart contract is increasing rapidly. As more and more coins are blocked on BadgerDAO, increasing the total blocked value should also increase the price of BADGER. You can find relevant information to confirm our hypothesis on websites such as DeFi Pulse.

In terms of total liquidity and trading volume, we can also get real-time data by browsing the Uniswap website:

After purchasing BADGER, you can also earn interest through the Machine Gun Group on the website. Whether you are earning interest yourself or working with WBTC to earn interest, the annual return is very impressive. However, you need to be careful with the recent high gas rates and some smart contracts. Related transactions can cost tens of dollars.

First I bought BADGER for about $ 11. Within a few days of purchasing it, it hit the $ 23 mark for a while. You can see that the buy order is strong and it is worth looking into the future. at the.

On the CoinMarketCap chart, we can also clearly see the recent upward trend in trading volume, which is seen as beneficial for the future development of currency prices. This is also the reason that gives me the greatest confidence, because in BADGER I see the shadow of the Perpetual Protocol, another currency that I bought before, before the big surge.

The price of such a low market value coin will fluctuate widely. You should pay more attention to the risks when buying. In particular, the newly introduced tokens have a low risk (of course, the potential return is relatively high).

After the price has risen sharply, it is also recommended to sell the coin first in order to regain the capital. Also, before investing in any cryptocurrency, readers are advised to do their own research first, especially shopping on their website and entering the market after they get the hang of it.

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