Best crypto wallet for Android and iOS

The Best Multi Crypto Wallet For iOS, Android

December 15, 2019

Crypto Wallet, Cryptos are becoming increasingly popular and is increasingly discussed in public. They have alerted the public to the significant fluctuations in their market prices, as well as to a multitude of fascinating technological innovations that enrich the evolving digital ecosystem. More and more companies are currently accepting payments in Bitcoin and other popular […]

Get Paid to search the web

Get paid to search the web in BAT Tokens

October 20, 2019

There are so many ways to earn the money but there is no guaranty of earning money as told to users. But with a new internet thing i.e Blockchain technology, it opens the new doors and gives birth to many new concepts. One of them is BAT. Using BAT as such a new advertising platform […]

Where to buy Fb Libra Crypto currency ?

October 8, 2019

Facebook will soon announce specific plans for its cryptocurrency, i.e., Libra crypto. What exactly does this mean for the crypto world?  Facebook does not want to stay behind. Facebook has been a trendsetter. More than two billion social network users are clear proof of this.  You can also see it on Instagram, which also belongs […]

crypto exchange low fee

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges with lowest fees | Crypto Trading Basics

October 6, 2019

Cryptocurrency and crypto exchanges are becoming increasingly popular, and there are now a whole host of stock exchanges that allow people to exchange and trade in these digital assets. Let’s take a look at what a crypto-exchange is and what it does. Subsequently, we will introduce some of the best crypto-exchanges that will dominate the […]

mobile miner ios download

What cryptocurrency can be mined on your smartphone?

September 29, 2019

You’ve probably already heard of mobile mining or cell phone crypto mining.  You might have been warned not to choose this by those who have tried everything.  You will not get anything and your phone will be destroyed. Yes, that is very likely to happen.  We’ll introduce cryptocurrencies below that you can mine on your […]

Electroneum mining on Computer

ETN Coin for CPU Mining

September 22, 2019

Check this ETN Coin for cpu mining guide to learn whether CPU mining is profitable? Recently, we have developed a manual on how to do mining for Electroneum on your mobile phone. For instructions on how to use a mobile miner, see this article. Use CPU for Mining Electroneum, Why not! Mobile miner is a […]


Multi-national exchanges removing anonymous Cryptocurrency

September 22, 2019

OKEx’s Korea station announced that it will release all anonymous cryptocurrency on October 10, including Monroe (XMR), Dash, ZEC, horizen (ZEN) and SBTC. In fact, this is not the first time that an anonymous coin has been blocked. As the volume of the anonymous currency market continues to increase, the supervision of this sword has […]

MIB Coin mobile miner

MIB Coin – Mining with mobile phone

September 22, 2019

Our purpose in this article is to introduce a coin based on the MSXBP platform (Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform). The coin is called MIB. A coin called Mobile Integrated Blockchain (MIB) was created for the purpose of being integrated into the mobile platform. The majority of people today own smartphones, and most of them are […]


Phoneum : A Cloud Mobile Miner

August 18, 2019

Which is a cryptocurrency that you can mine on your phone ? Now with the past cryptocurrencies they required you to run your hardware to mine the currency to secure the network. However phoneum is a little bit different what they want is actually interaction so you’re able to mine with phone on the cloud with phoneum mobile miner. Then what I mean by […]

most efficient asic miner Blake 2B

Antminer A3 | ASIC Mining Hardware

August 18, 2019

Antminer A3 : Today We’ll be reviewing the brand new ant miner a3 Blake 2b miner from bitmain. What is Blake 2b ? you ask that’s the hashing algorithm used by Siacoin. Which is a cryptocurrency that aims to be a decentralized cloud storage platform being the first consumer available. Sia is capable of using the Blake 2b algorithm, the 815 Giga […]