Phoneum : A Cloud Mobile Miner

By Rithik Panwar, August 18, 2019

Which is a cryptocurrency that you can mine on your phone ?

Now with the past cryptocurrencies they required you to run your hardware to mine the currency to secure the network.

However phoneum is a little bit different what they want is actually interaction so you’re able to mine with phone on the cloud with phoneum mobile miner.


Then what I mean by mining on the cloud is that you’re not physically doing the calculations to mine the coin like other coins like Bitcoin or ETH coins.


Instead you’re using cloud mining which is from phone and when you log in and you start cloud mining they will start giving you phony or mass rewards.

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So as you can see each phone is producing rewards at a different rate if you take a look at here


You can see that there’s a info which allows me to see what the hourly and the daily rate of it would be and the temperature of the core and the battery.

So you would just basically leave this on and go about your day and after this timer is up which is about 24 hours.

You would have to go back into the app and reset it so that you can start mining again, so you would do this daily right.

Can i use multiple accounts ?

Now I’m on one Wi-Fi network with approximately 5 accounts and there hasn’t been a problem till now.

Now each phone needs to have its own Google account or email account attached to it so they’re all separate.

If you try to attach multiple devices under one account then this will not do any good.

It doesn’t work at all because it just locks into that one and it doesn’t speed up the mining.

So when using multiple devices is probably the best way to speed up the mining with each device having its own account.

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Now after you get phoneum on you can of course go to the exchange and exchange it out.

But because phoneum is at such a low price right now, it’s about roughly 0.001 cent so one one thousandth of a penny per phoneum.

Now I know that sounds a little bit low however with cryptocurrencies this always starts small and it grows to something huge and we don’t know which cryptocurrency would take off.

So it’s best that you engage in some of the cryptocurrencies and make sure that you have a good variety of them, so that when one of them does take off even though the others didn’t.

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It can carry the rest of your whole portfolio so with that said the app also includes wallets and transactions.

I don’t have any transactions so that would be nothing and you can send it through app.

So with the send button you can send phoneum into other accounts.

All right when I looked at the phoneum coin it seems like they are a smart contract.

so they are actually not a coin in the standards of cryptocurrency.

Being like Bitcoin like coin is more similar to a gap which is on top of a platform like a ethereum or a theorem classic.

So cloud mining has been pretty fun, it is fairly easy right now.

I hope you enjoyed this information. I hope you guys have joined the Phoneum family.

If not then Click here to JOIN and we’ll get some phoneum and hold on to it till it reaches to the moon.

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