The Pi Network and Mobile mining | No 1 Cryptocurrencies to be mined in mobile apps!

Since its launch in March, the Pi network cryptocurrency, created by a PhD team at Stanford University in California, has garnered widespread attention. The app has over a million users to date, and continues to grow rapidly, sparking a wave of mobile mining in the crypto market.

Pi Network
mobile app mining

The Pi Coin consensus mechanism is based on SCP’s Star Consensus Protocol and FBA’s Byzantine Federal Agreement. Mainly, it does not use a lot of energy on calculations, which reduces the impact on the environment and carbon emissions from mining.

Pi Coin mining is completely free. All you have to do is start cloud mining through the Pi Network mobile app. It is all done in the cloud and it does not use any cell phone traffic or resources. In spite of the app being completely closed or the phone being turned off. You can continue mining, mining can only start once every 24 hours. By pressing the app button every 24 hours, you can start the Pi mining continuously.

You can download the mobile Pi Network app directly from the App Store or Google Play. Pi Network currently uses an invitation system, so you will have to enter the invitation code when registering. To complete the registration, enter our invitation code “FreeMobileMining”.


pi network screenshot

Invite your friends to join the Pi network so that you can mine more Pi Coins. You can increase the payout amount by 25% if you have successfully invited another friend. After registering an account for three days, you can activate the Safe Circle feature and add your friends to the Safe Circle to increase the number of mines.

There is a built-in mechanism in Pi Network to prevent fake accounts, and each user can only register one account. Additionally, Pi Network plans to add KYC authentication to lock cloned accounts. For pi coins to be freely transferred in the future, the account must be authenticated. So don’t try to use the automatic invite to withdraw more Pi coins.

Simillar :- Start MIB Mobile Mining…..

Pi red set

The difficulty of mining increases as the number of users increases. The difficulty of mining doubles when the total number of users increases tenfold, such as when it reaches 10 or 100 million. You will get more pi coins if you start mining earlier.

Network Pi Network mining Rate

Currently, the pi coin is still in the first phase of its development. Since it has yet to be traded on an exchange and has no real value, it is also a good time to extract and store parts.

At this point, more Pi parts will be mined, but there will be no cost or risk of dismantling Pi parts. One click on the app a day is all it takes. Maybe this button will bring you enormous profits in the future.

Additionally, Pi Coin will add computer mining capabilities in phase 2 and prepare a blockchain implementation in phase 3. A trading platform can now be created for Pi-Coins. Cryptocurrency exchanges already exist in large numbers. Pi parts are in great demand, and everyone has expressed their desire to have them on the shelves.

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