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Taklimakan : A few years ago it was very hard to imagine bank application without offices or that you can pay by a watch or phone or decentralized system which will challenge the world’s banks.

However, thanks to new technologies like online investment platforms and investments in cryptocurrency, which were made available to a very large number of people for the first time.

At the same time we see that the average level of financial literacy even for developed economies barely reaches 55%.

But even with a high literacy level it is difficult to make the right decision due to the abundance of the information.

As we know there are a lack of analytical tools on the market. Experts who felt confident in the traditional investment management have to get the understanding of the new market algorithms from the beginning.

The best educational institutions in the world turned out to be unprepared for the changing market of crypto investment.

So there came a Taklamakan Network project decentralized investment and educational business platform that allows users independently to discover crypto investment principles and apply this knowledge to real-life problems.

What’s for Crypto Lover ?

If you are a crypto enthusiast you will get an access to educational materials webinars and mentors as well as selected products for trading and analytics

What’s for Crypto Investor ?

If you are an investor you can use the taklimakan experts recommendations for independent trading and investments relying on the opinion of experienced traders and analysts.

Whats for Crypto Trader or Analyst?

If you are a trader or an analyst you can use the taklimakan platform for financial prosperity by sharing your forecasts and composing newsletters for the platform users.

Taklimakan Advantages

The Taklamakan network platform has several advantages :

  • Opportunities for professionals.
  • Opportunities for crypto investors.
  • Newcomers of crypto market will be able to increase their investment skills.
  • User will get a professional analysis of blockchain startups and increase their capital.
  • It is the mentors advice and timely information that gives an advantage today.

Taklimakan Mission

  • Taklimakan mission is to fight with the asymmetry of information.
  • To make the market as much open and transparent as possible, which is clearly the reasoning behind blockchain technology.

Join Taklamakan network and be a part of a revolutionary blockchain project.

Taklimakan Token

TAN is official token is based on ETHEREUM blockchain.

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