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What cryptocurrency can be mined on your smartphone?

By Rithik Panwar, September 29, 2019

You’ve probably already heard of mobile mining or cell phone crypto mining.  You might have been warned not to choose this by those who have tried everything. 

You will not get anything and your phone will be destroyed. Yes, that is very likely to happen. 

We’ll introduce cryptocurrencies below that you can mine on your smartphone and nothing will happen to them.  What do you think? 

Developers pay for these controlled mining simulations. You know you can get free cryptocurrency by doing this, but it isn’t really mining. 

Pi Network Mobile Miner

The First Digital Currency You Can Mine From Your Phone. Earn cryptocurrency today with our free, energy-efficient mobile app.

Developers of this cryptocurrency (or even ICO) also offer literally to distribute their own coin. Among people they want to get it through a sophisticated referral system. 

Once a certain number of users has been given away, it will slow down until it stops. Just like Phoneum, you need to click the button in the app once a day to start mining. 

Developers with Pi Network wants to remove everything bad from the world of banks and FIAT. 

They want to eliminate transaction fees, transaction censorship, and the ability to act under a pseudonym when deciding whether to make a transaction public or private.

In One sentence, they want a free cryptoworld. Let’s keep an eye on this project. Increasingly, there are interesting projects in the world that follow the same principle. 

All coins are small and are not very popular. So Download the mobile app to start earning today.

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At least, the crypto names described above don’t slow down phones or force users to view advertisements. It remains to be seen whether they will have a place in the future. Even if you only have a few, you will be happy

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Phoneum Mobile Miner

In a similar manner, the Phoneum project leverages cloud computing on mobile phones.

Listed on ProBit Global Exchange.

They are on the market longer and hand out the Phoneum cryptocoins (PHM), which they are apparently doing. 

As well as running cloud mining regularly, you can also get cryptocoins by playing the game Crypto Treasures. 

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In this game you can even get many new ICO cryptos that have an agreement with this company, even some BTC/satoshi. 

Whether the project has potential will be seen over time, but the development team has a big goal.

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MIB coin – The Best

MIB’s momentum is growing. Its price has not yet risen, but new mining pools have been created, and tens of thousands of users and equipment are mining it. Are you laughing at the thought of mining on mobile phones when you have a mining rig in your garage of good graphics? Continue reading! What makes the MIB coin interesting?

Listed on ProBit Global Exchange.

A lot of work started after the swap!

MIB (ERC20) On May 8, the token was swapped for the MIB coin and then the real work began. MIB Coin has expanded its range of production pools to include a European pool, which is now adding tons of mining equipment. It goes without saying that mining takes place directly on your mobile phone. Before SWAP itself, there were 135 000 devices with mining applications installed, but in August (two months after SWAP), there were 230 000! During this period, the MIB coin has reached Coinmarketcap and the Coinbene Stock Exchange, where it can be traded.

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Is such a typical mining worthwhile today?

Using the MIB coin’s Mobile Integrated Blockchain, mining is highly profitable. Mobile phones running Android 5.0 or above are ideal for mining. You can earn MIB coins based on the performance of your phone. You can currently get around 5-6 MIB coins in 24 hours, based on the current price of 0.042 €. Even though four cents aren’t much, they are more profitable than other coins in the top ten due to maximum phone consumption and cheap electricity.

Mobile mining farm? It also exists!

During the short time MIB Coin has been around, this coin has acquired hundreds of thousands of users who have created an incredible mining farm. You’ll find old, semi-functional, and even dead phones in our collection. Several examples follow. A person’s imagination is limitless. Ponzi schemes, MLM, and the like do not exist. There is no referral system or anything of the sort. Using the CPU of a mobile device and an Android environment for classic honest mining. 

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Slovakia and Czech Republic join MIB coin policy!

Czech and Slovak miners joined the European mining pool after its creation. One of the greatest advantages Slovakia and the Czech Republic enjoy over western countries is the price of electricity is affordable. German electricity costs on average 0.28 euros per kilowatt-hour. MIB Coin mining is profitable despite this price. Our costs are between 0,08 and 0,14 € per kw / h. Anyone considering mining should try the MIB coin. Go for it and buy old phones.

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